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Linux logoLinux driver and firmware

*) Upstream Driver:

For latest and backports kernel support,

please download and build the media code on linuxtv.org.


If you have any problem with this media code,

please try the following "DVBSky media code".

*) DVBSky media code:

Before build linux driver, please read the instructions first. Readme for Linux_Driver_installation

Media Build Driver
s2-liplianin-f5cd7d75370e-bst (Download) 2.6.x Build on Liplianin S2 code.
media_build_bst_121102 (Download)
Build on Linux TV org code.
***Previous driver:
121013 (Download)
media_build-bst-13-140619 (Download) 3.5.x ~ 3.13.0
Original code from LinuxTV org.
***Previous driver:
media_build-bst-14-141106 (Download) 3.14.x ~ 3.17.0
***Previous driver:
media_build-bst-150322 (Download) 3.18.6~3.19

media_build-bst-160430 (Download) 4.1.12~4.4.0
Patch for Kernel

Please note:
Patch for Kernel does not support our T2/C Products.
linux-3.6-dvbsky-patch (Download) 3.6.6/3.6.7 The patch for linux kernel.
linux-3.7-dvbsky-patch (Download) 3.7.2~3.7.5 The patch for linux kernel.
linux-3.8-dvbsky-patch (Download) 3.8.4~3.8.5 The patch for linux kernel.
linux-3.9-dvbsky-patch (Download) 3.9 The patch for linux kernel.
linux-3.12-dvbsky-patch (Download) 3.12
The patch for linux kernel.
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