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(2015.11.17) Update DVB-T2/C usb driver to fix DVB-T2 PLP issue and support CrazyScan2.

(2015.08.13) Update DVBSky player.

(2015.06.11) Update windows driver to fix a CI compatible bug.

(2015.02.11) Update Linux driver for kernel 3.18.16 and 3.19.

(2015.01.14) Update Linux driver for kernel 3.18.

****** 2014 ******

(2014.12.12) Improve multiple devices support in windows drivers.

(2014.11.30) Up stream the linux driver to linuxtv.org, later into kernel.

(2014.11.06) Update Linux driver for support T9580 card.

(2014.10.14) USB driver update: fix streaming issue when usb disconnect.

(2014.10.14) Update Linux driver for kernel  3.17.

(2014.09.26) Update Linux driver 3.16 for DVB-T2 reception.

(2014.09.11) Update PCIe V3 card to work with WMC.

(2014.08.26) Release DVBSky remote plugin for WinLirc.

(2014.08.07) Update linux driver for kernel 3.16.0.

(2014.05.31) PCIe driver update:  Support S950/S952 V3 cards.

(2014.05.24) Update DVBSky linux driver to kernel 3.14/3.15 rc6.

(2014.04.03) PCIe driver update:  Fix DVB-T2 Lite bug.

(2014.03.16) Release new  Windows USB and PCIe driver.

(2014.03.01) Release new DVBSky Player and update PCIe driver.

(2014.02.28) USB driver update: Fix CI Menu bug and support DVB-T2 Lite(need new T2 Lite hardware).

(2014.02.22) PCIe driver update: Fix CI Menu bug.

(2014.02.18) Update PCIe card driver to support DVB-T2 Lite (need new T2 Lite hardware) and fix some bugs.

(2014.01.28) Update the DVBSky linux driver to kernel 3.13.

(2014.01.08) Update the window driver installers.

****** 2013 ******

(2013.12.30) Release dvbsky patch for linux kernel 3.12.

(2013.12.16) Update PCIe driver to improve DVB-C scan.

(2013.08.20) Update CI USB driver to fix the CI problem in WMC.

(2013.08.09) Release new DVBSky Player with some improvements.

(2013.08.07) Update DVB-T2 firmware and improve mplp support .

(2013.08.06) Update DVBSky linux driver for kernel 3.10.5 .

(2013.07.09) Update windows and linux driver to support T982(DVB-T2/T/C Dual PCIe card) .

(2013.07.02) Update PCIe/USB windows driver for dvb-c support in Windows Media Center.

(2013.06.24) Update DVBsky linux driver for new products.

(2013.05.25) USB driver update: add supoort for the new product(S960C- DVB-S/S2 with CI support).

(2013.05.13) PCIe driver update: Improve PCIe transfer reliability for some platforms.

(2013.05.07) Update DVBSky linux driver for kernel 3.9.

(2013.04.08) Fix UNICAM EVO 3.0 CAM compatible issue for CI products.

(2013.04.04) Improve DVB-T2 multi-stream support for PCIe card and USB box.

(2013.04.01) Release kernel 3.8.x patch for DVBSky products.

(2013.03.29) Update DVBViewer remote plugin to support new products.

(2013.03.27) PCIe tool to configure network MAC address.

(2013.03.15) Update Linux media build tree to support DVB-T2 series products.

(2013.03.10) Implent a virtual DVB-T for DVB-C tuner let it work in Windows Media Center and fix some bugs.

(2013.01.31) Update USB driver to fix resync problem.

(2013.01.26) Release linux experimental driver.

(2013.01.20) Release linux kernel 3.7.2/3.7.3 patch.

(2013.01.14) Update USB driver to support DVB-T/T2/C and CI function.

(2013.01.06) New DVBSky Player to support DVB-T2/T/C products.

****** 2012 ******

(2012.12.21) Release DVB-T2 product, T980C ( DVB-T/T2/C  PCIe with CI ).

(2012.12.08) Start to release DVB-T2 products, T9580 (DVB-T/T2/C and DVB-S2 Dual PCIe).

(2012.12.06) Update PCIe driver to fix a long term misalign and some enhancement.

(2012.11.20) Release linux kernel 3.6.6/7 patch.

(2012.11.10) Update Unicable config for Dual tuner.

(2012.10.28) Update Linux driver for dvb-s2 ci part.

(2012.10.24) Fix CI memory issue in PCIe windows driver.

(2012.09.17) Support Unicable configuration in the USB driver.

(2012.08.29) Update Linux driver to support kernel 3.5.3.

(2012.08.25) Support Unicable function in the PCIe driver.

****** 2011 ******

****** 2010 ******

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